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Heather Bailey pin cushions August 16, 2008

Filed under: Sewing,Tuesday Night Craft Club — lauravw @ 3:22 pm

Using Heather Bailey’s free pattern, I made these little pin cushions. I’m so pleased with how they turned out, and found this a great project to work on for several reasons. I like projects where you can use up those tiny bits of fabric that are left after other projects, and I also like being able to make something from scratch in an evening.

Because the pin cushions are small they are a little fiddly, but the instructions are clear. It is difficult to get the ribbon to go right through each pin cushion – we found that using a crochet hook helped with this (and using narrow ribbon speeds things up a lot). For a long time I have had an old and mis-shapen pillow stashed away just in case I made a project that needed some stuffing. I have almost thrown in out several times, but I’m glad I kept it as it was ideal for this – I still have plenty of it left and would have to make a few dozen more pin cushions to get through it all. I’m going to make a few more for Christmas stocking stuffers, and I’m keeping these two for myself.

In the post this week I got a copy of the latest Quilt Room catalogue, and was pleasantly suprised to see they have Heather’s new fabric collection – so if you are in the UK and shopping for Pop Garden or Bijoux fabrics they might be a good place to start looking. It can be tricky to work out whether it’s cheaper to buy from US or UK websites – the shipping from the US over to the UK is expensive, but even taking that into account if you’re buying 3 metres/yards or less, the US websites are often a better deal. Once you go above that it seems you’re better on the UK ones – particularly so because of the customs duty you’d have to pay on larger orders from the US. And with the pound falling to new lows against the dollar this month, shopping on American websites for Brits is less appealing financially.


One Response to “Heather Bailey pin cushions”

  1. mom2fur Says:

    Oh, cute! I bought a sloo of Japanese fabric squares from an Etsy seller, and I bet they’d work up into these pincushions very nicely. I like your version!

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