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Very British December 11, 2008

Filed under: Christmas,Shopping — lauravw @ 8:37 pm

I am fascinated by the comments people are leaving on this post at Ask Metafilter, about what sorts of gifts you should take when flying to America from the UK.

People have made all sorts of suggestions, almost all of which I agree with – crisps, chocolates, magazines, Christmas crackers, anything related to Dr Who… I’ve not seen anyone mention advent calendars yet, which I think are more common on this side of the Atlantic than they are on the American side.

And I felt VERY British when I got to the comment about jewellery from Accessorize – because this was the website I had been on immediately before I visited Ask Metafilter (looking at mittens, not jewellery – which I think makes me even more British). Apprently I am very predictable in terms of my Britishness.


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