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The closet December 23, 2008

Filed under: Interiors — lauravw @ 12:03 pm

Nicole’s closet (or wardrobe for us Brits) is an inspiration. I consider myself to be pretty lucky, wardrobe-wise: when we moved into our house three years ago, we got ourselves some Ikea wardrobes, with all the internal workings that that entails (racks for shoes, drawers, trouser-hanging bits), and for a long time they were the only good thing about our house. As we’ve improved the house, the wardrobes don’t stand out quite so much, but they are still something I’m glad I spent money on. Nicole’s pictures show a wardrobe filled with dresses, and the way that the Ikea wardrobes can be customised means that whether you have lots of dresses or lots of jeans, you can make the wardrobe fit what you have. I love that I have a place for everything now – for years we lived in a flat with built-in wardrobes that were horrible and made it very hard to access my clothes. They weren’t really wardrobes, but damp little cupboards tucked into the eaves of the roof.

I keep my wardrobe pretty tidy (confession: I hang things in colour order…), but now I’ve seen Nicole’s I feel motivated both to improve how I organise things, and to wear more dresses. I wear dresses so rarely that the few I have are in a different wardrobe in the guest bedroom at the moment.


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