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Butterflies December 31, 2008

Filed under: Crafts — lauravw @ 9:17 am

This is such a simple and effective idea, but one that never occurred to me: a framed picture of paper butterflies, along the lines of those displays of pinned butterflies that you might see in a natural history museum. I even have a butterfly punch already and so it would be so simple to create one of these masterpieces over the long new year weekend. (Via Craftzine.)

On a related note, my grandfather has a framed poster at the top of his stairs that is a painting in much the same style – lots of lots of rows of butterflies. If you look at it carefully, on the very last row you might notice that one of the pictures is not a butterfly at all – it is a nude man holding fake butterfly wings. When someone pointed this out to my grandparents sometime in the 1980s, they were quick to cover up the offending parts of that picture by cutting out a very tiny picture of some pansies and sticking it in place.


2 Responses to “Butterflies”

  1. Ali Says:

    That’s hysterical! Happy New Year!

  2. Chibi Jeebs Says:

    That is so cool! I see a paper punch excursion in my very near future!

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