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S’mores January 13, 2009

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S'moresWhen we were on holiday last year, we were able to experience the American (and Canadian – though we were in the US at the time) tradition of  making s’mores.

Fast forward to Christmas, and amongst our parcels we received an interesting package from our friends Megan and Scott containing the ingredients to make some at home. Most excitingly, the marshmallows they sent were vegan. (I am vegetarian and so try to avoid products containing gelatine. Truth be told I do sneak the occasional marshmallow though…)

We lit a fire in the fireplace and set about toasting some of the marshmallows. I think we were pretty successful – the s’mores we made were delicious. Megan also sent instructions for making Rice Krispie Treats – these were amazing and we got through them very quickly. We still have a few marshmallows left and there are plans afoot for some rocky road bars and maybe some more s’mores next time the fire is lit…


One Response to “S’mores”

  1. melissa Says:

    I’m American but I’ve lived in London for years, and I can assure you that these are just as good with Dairy Milk, plain digestives, and those pink and white marshmallows.

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