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Snowed in February 6, 2009

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snowIt has been a long, snow-filled week, and I’ll be glad to see the back of the icy pavements and slushy roads when it finally melts (no sign of that yet though).

Where we are it started snowing on Sunday night, and was treacherous by the time I set off for work on Monday morning – I eventually managed to get a bus for part of the way (I usually walk, but the pavements were so slippy that I thought at any minute I would fall over). The snow didn’t even start to melt until late on Wednesday, but when I saw it was disappearing I felt a great sense of relief at the thought of an easy walk to work the next morning. But then we woke up on Thursday morning to several inches of fresh snow, and a blizzard. Marvellous. Actually, walking to work that day was quite fun – the snow was so fresh (and still falling) so it wasn’t icy underfoot. I took a detour through a local park to take pictures, and felt intrepid. (One thing I don’t have a picture of but wish I did was the snowman my mum made – I’ve not seen it, but she tells me he has satsumas for eyes, an orange coloured scarf and a baseball cap.)

Today I had plans to meet up with friends for lunch, and another friend for tea and cake – but some of us are still snowed in, and others don’t want to go out on the now very icy pavements, and so I’ve stayed indoors all day. I managed to make some cookies, using a recipe published on Love Those Cupcakes – they are pretty good, but the phone rang while they were in the oven and as a result I ended up leaving them baking for a little longer than they needed. I’ll have to try the recipe again another day and pay more attention to the oven next time.


One Response to “Snowed in”

  1. Ali Says:

    Much as we’ve loved the snow, I am ready for the thaw too now.

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