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Shrove Tuesday February 24, 2009

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Are you having pancakes today? I made up a batch of Nigella’s home-made instant pancake mix on Sunday, so when I get home it’s simply a matter of mixing in milk and eggs and then cooking up a few pancakes.

The pancake mix makes enough for about four batches of pancakes (depending on how many people you’re feeding of course – there are two of us), so I bagged up some of the excess and gave it to friends and my parents. I was in a hurry and so didn’t have time for fancy presentation – it was simply a clear plastic bagged filled with white powder. Consequently people were suspicious about what I was giving them!

Happily the recipe is on Nigella’s website, along with a few others that would suit pancake day. Toppings-wise, we’re going traditional with lemon and sugar, but I also have a bottle of dulce de leche that I think will make for delicious pancakes, and I think I’ll also try Nutella. If you’ve any suggestions for pancake toppings, please leave a comment below – thanks!


One Response to “Shrove Tuesday”

  1. Beth B Says:

    We had blueberry syrup on ours, and a few real blueberries with them.

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