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In the trees March 1, 2009

Filed under: Interiors — lauravw @ 9:44 am

Some time ago I saw a house on TV with wallpaper I fell in love with: a giant photo of a forest. I find that when people get talking about where they would ultimately like to live, with no concerns about money, they say they want to live near the sea. I love visiting the coast, but I’ve never wanted to live there – I want to live near trees. Not a spooky old forest, but wildlife-filled woods that I can wander around in. The wallpaper I saw really captured that feeling for me. Our house is totally unsuitable for it (we live in a fairly small house, and I think it needs an uninterrupted stretch of wall to work to best effect).

Fast forward to today, and I’ve just seen the same wallpaper again. I still love it – it’s here on Kim from Desire to Inspire’s living room wall. There’s more information about it here. And she bought it here – Design Your Wall.


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