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Things to sew and knit May 17, 2009

Filed under: Knitting,Sewing — lauravw @ 12:11 pm

People seem to be making lots of lovely things at the moment:

Excellent detailed instructions (with plenty of photos) on how to make a little zippered make-up bag at Flossie Teacakes. I really like the way she’s done the zip, with each end covered in fabric.

Craftzine.com points the way to this bag made from a tea towel – I even have this very same Orla Kiely tea towel, and have been saving it to sew something from rather than risk it getting grubby in the kitchen.

The Nottingham Craft Mafia have found a Paul Smith knitting pattern for free online. It could do with a few more pictures of the finished cardigan though.

Knitted Doctor Who dishcloths, in lovely colours. Though if they were mine, I couldn’t bear to let them get anywhere near the kitchen sink.

And, going back to Craftzine, a simple pillowcase pattern.

As for me, I have been sewing a little doorstop. We had some carpets fitted recently, and the carpet fitters had to cut a little off the bottom of one of our doors – which means it now swings open and hits a chair. So I set to work on sewing a doorstop and now it’s all done, but I don’t have anything to fill it with just yet – the local vegetable shop people have been very nice and are ordering me some beans, so when they arrive I’ll finish the project and take pictures.


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