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Look busy: Martha is coming June 22, 2009

Filed under: Crafts — lauravw @ 7:43 pm

According to the calendar page in the June 2009 edition of Martha Stewart Living, Martha herself will be setting off to visit the UK tomorrow. I am absolutely fascinated by this, and hope she’ll take lots of pictures.

You may recall that, exactly one year ago, Martha tried to visit the UK but her plans were changed when it became clear that she would be denied entry due to her, ahem, criminal record. I wonder what has gone on behind the scenes to make this visit happen?

The calendar pages say she will be touring some English gardens, visiting the Wedgwood factory, going to a family graduation at Cambridge University, and having dinner at the Fat Duck restaurant.


One Response to “Look busy: Martha is coming”

  1. […] ‘tweet’ in this context and get away with it) that she is still in New York, and not, as detailed in her magazine, visiting the UK. Her plans must have changed, for one reason or […]

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