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Broader than beans July 15, 2009

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Broad bean and bacon risotto

Broad bean and bacon risotto

The people at Abel and Cole were kind enough to send me a vegetable delivery to try out. It was great fun – when the delivery arrived, our little cat Daisy was most intrigued and spent some time trying to remove the string that was tied around the box. Inside the box I found carrots, new potatoes, broad beans, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, a melon, 6 bananas, some apples, and a cucumber. Everything was very fresh and nicely packed.

I live very near shops and walk past them on my way to and from work, so I am sometimes a bit last-minute in my approach to planning meals – since I know that I can simply stop and buy ingredients on my way home. But the vegetable box presented a new puzzle to solve: how to use all these organic goodies without letting any of them go to waste. I sat down with a few cookbooks and came up with some plans, and then posted a question on Twitter about what to do with the broad beans (confession: until last week, I had never eaten broad beans, let alone cooked them. And I’m a vegetarian!), which Suzical kindly answered for me. Her suggestion was this broad bean and bacon risotto, which we made on Saturday night (with fake bacon). It was pretty good – I can’t say it made me want to eat broad beans all the time, but it was certainly a pleasant meal.

What else did we cook? Well, we had peppers stuffed with a rice mixture that contained grated carrots and courgettes. I noticed when I was preparing the carrots that they really smelled of carrot – which is an odd thing to say, but what I mean is they smelled really fresh and natural. They tasted good too! We also made quesadillas – which used up the spring onions and the tomatoes. I was hoping that some of the bananas would be left over so that I could make banana bread with them, but they have already all been eaten. All that remains in the box are a couple of apples and a courgette, so I need to get on with eating those while they are still nice and fresh.


2 Responses to “Broader than beans”

  1. Ali Says:

    If you decide to order another box from them, I have a voucher that gives you a free copy of the Abel and Cole cookbook with any veg box order – it’s got fab recipes in it. Let me know if you want it and I’ll pop it in the post.

  2. lauravw Says:

    Thanks Ali – I’ll bear that in mind!

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