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Passion flowers July 19, 2009

Filed under: Flowers and plants — lauravw @ 10:41 am

Passion flowerThis morning I was lucky enough to be out in the garden just as a passion flower was opening. I’d been out there for a few minutes and noticed that only one was in bloom today, but when I glanced over at the plant a few minutes later, I spotted that a second flower was opening up. The petals unfolded slowly – you couldn’t quite see them moving most of the time, but occasionally there was a little jolt and you’d see the petals and stamens moving into place. The whole process took perhaps five or ten minutes, and a bee was very quick to pay a visit to the newly-opened flower.

I’ve looked at these flowers a bit over the last few weeks – they each seem to be open for only a day, which is amazing when you see the amount of detail and effort that must go into producing each flower.

I took this photo yesterday, so this particular flower has already completed its work and the petals have folded back up.


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