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Feed the birds day October 24, 2009

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Here in the UK it’s the RSPB’s Feed The Birds Day today – a little confusing since it’s actually two days (both Saturday and Sunday), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Around here, every day is feed the birds day – I spend much of my spare cash on bird food and bird feeders, and am always looking out of the window to see who’s paying us a visit.

Redwing - seen in our garden last year.

Redwing - seen in our garden last year.

This week my new bird table arrived, and unfortunately it is flat-packed and so has not yet been assembled. But I also ordered this little bird feeder/table, which we’ve attached to a fence near our kitchen window. When we moved into our house four years ago, there was very little vegetation in the garden, and so the birds didn’t like to spend much time there. But now we have plenty of greenery, and as a result their visits have grown longer and more frequent (the goldfinches in particular are costing me a fortune at the moment, eating their way through bag after bag of sunflower seed hearts). I’m hoping that this new feeder will tempt the birds to come a little nearer the house, so that I can get a better look at them. Since it was put up, I’ve seen a squirrel come and have a look at it, and also a magpie. But I’m really hoping the robins will use it, so keep your fingers crossed.

The RSPB website lists five top tips for helping wildlife in your garden:

  • Plant native plants such as hawthorn, ivy and honeysuckle that will provide berries in the winter for adult birds, and insects for young birds in spring
  • Make a log pile – it will be the ideal place for insects, fungi, mosses and lichens
  • Provide an insect home – insects will spend the winter in these
  • Install nesting boxes for birds such as house sparrows, winter hibernation places for hedgehogs, and roosting boxes for bats
  • Create a water feature such as a pond or bog garden – much wildlife relies on a regular supply of freshwater.

I’m keen to make a home for frogs and toads – we don’t have a pond, but I’ve seen frogs in the garden.

I hope you see plenty of wildlife in your garden this weekend! And if you’re interested in all things nature, you might enjoy reading the new UK Nature Blog.


One Response to “Feed the birds day”

  1. Liz Says:

    Unfortunately, our two kitties are interested in birds for a different reason so we’ve stopped filling the feeder. But at least we can tick off four from that list.

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