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Putting Halloween back in its box November 6, 2009

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pumpkinsOur Halloween party was great fun – but exhausting! I think I got a bit carried away in terms of baking *everything* myself – next time I might be tempted to buy in a few things to supplement the home-made goodies. In the rush to get everything prepared, I made a mistake when baking the cornbread: I left out the baking soda, which meant the end result was flat and stodgy (and it wasn’t until after the guests had left that I worked out what I’d done wrong). But everything else was delicious – in fact I’d been hoping to have some of the leftover pastry bones for lunch the next day, but there were all devoured at the party (so quickly that I didn’t manage to get a photo of them).

The highlight of the evening for me was when dusk fell and our local neighbourhood bat (who I call Florence – even though there are two bats, but I haven’t yet decided on the perfect name for the second bat…) arrived and started circling the garden. We turned out all the kitchen lights and watched her for about 15 minutes. All the money in the world could not have bought that kind of perfectly-timed Halloween entertainment! And it was also pleasing because we had carved a picture of her into our pumpkin this year. The pumpkin is now outside in the garden, so I like to think she’s seen it (or picked it up on her sonar) and knows we appreciate her.

We had two knocks on the door from trick or treaters – and both groups were very young (with parents), in costume, and with good manners. A big relief since our house was egged by pesky teenagers a few years ago.

Now that bonfire night has been and gone I’m going to take down all my Halloween decorations and put them back in their box until next year. This means I need a new project to keep me out of trouble for a while – might have to have a rummage through my craft supplies and see if anything inspires me…


One Response to “Putting Halloween back in its box”

  1. Liz Says:

    Good to hear your Halloween bash went well. Know what you mean about overdoing the home cooking and baking. I once had so many things to finish off/bake during a party, I spent the whole evening in the kitchen.

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