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Amy Butler pattern: The Liverpool shirt dress November 13, 2009

Filed under: Sewing — lauravw @ 6:38 pm

I have started my Christmas shopping in earnest now, and so I am feeling a little bit smug about the whole festive season. There are some people whose names I can already tick off my list, and I’ve picked out some pretty cards to send, and even bought a new ornament (a little papier mache bird from John Lewis) (and I’ve already had to hide said ornament from the cat, who was very much enjoying attacking it). But one thing I am really struggling with is what to answer when people ask me what they can get ME for Christmas. I have only one thing on the list so far, and that is Amy Butler’s new shirt dress pattern, the Liverpool. So I was thrilled to see a review of it and get a better idea about what the finished product can look like: Susan at Pink Chalk Studio has not only made the shirt dress, but she’s taken very clear photos illustrating all the details, front and back.


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