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Making Christmas garlands December 11, 2009

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Our local library held an event last Saturday where you could go along and spend a couple of hours learning how to make garlands and other Christmas decorations out of bits and bobs that you might find around your home and garden. The idea behind it all was to have a green Christmas – no plastic, not much money spent, and the sense of having made something pretty all by yourself.

There were two artists on hand to help, and they’d brought with them all sorts of lovely supplies that you could help yourself to while you worked. I made a wreath using bits of hessian, pine cones, dried slices of orange (which smell nice), twigs, and a few dried thistley-things from our own garden, which my mother had helpfully taken away and dried a few months ago (‘just in case they come in handy’ – which they did). I love how it looks, but all that hessian reminds me of that Doctor Who episode with the scarecrows. But perhaps that’s just me…

And speaking of handmade decorations, have you been watching Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas this week? I’ve enjoyed it a lot, even though I am not at the level of society where I can consider spending £10 per bauble! (Well, I could buy one or two, but I think the point of baubles is that you buy 20 or 30 of them, and my pocket money certainly can’t stretch that far.) The ribbon shop looks like a place to add to the list for my next London visit, and I liked the Christmas stocking Kirstie made. I’ve not seen the final episode yet – I’m looking forward to watching that over the weekend.


One Response to “Making Christmas garlands”

  1. Ali Says:

    Your wreath is beautiful! I am harbouring a serious crush on hessian at present (but then, I haven’t seen that Dr Who)

    I watched Kirsty but couldn’t help thinking I know so many people here in blogland who do the handmade thing better than she does. Slightly uncharitable, I know.

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