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Installing a wall sticker December 14, 2009

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I mentioned during the summer that my mother had bought a wall sticker (by Ferm Living) at a shop in York called Snowhome, but it was only last weekend that I was able to go and stay with her to install it. I was a little nervous about the process – I was worried we’d make a mess of it and then be disappointed – but it really is very easy to put these stickers up.

Firstly we did the little test sticker included in the pack – so there is now a little bird perched above the doorway to the kitchen.

Then we chose a spot to put the main sticker in – originally it was destined for a bedroom wall, but that spot was no longer available, and so the hallway seemed like an ideal place. We held the sticker up to the wall in a few places and at a few heights to get an idea of what would work best – and then we set to work. You use a little (supplied) tool to flatten the transfer, which makes sure the sticker part is primed and ready to come off once you get to your wall – it also gets rid of any bubbles. Then you hold the whole thing in place on your wall, and go over it again with the little tool (just like using transfers on a piece of paper). Last of all, you peel back the layer of plastic to reveal your design.

I was really impressed with the result – the transfer we used has a smooth, matte finish – and looks like we painted it on. There’s a close-up picture of it here.


2 Responses to “Installing a wall sticker”

  1. Ali Says:

    Oh, it looks great! Your mother has a beautiful home too.

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