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Christmas decorations December 17, 2009

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I started putting up our Christmas decorations last Friday – I don’t like to put them up too soon, but as soon as I started unpacking the things we’ve collected over the years, I wished I’d got them out sooner. It’s been such a cold, dark week (with snow on the way tonight! And freezing cold gusts of wind!) that the fairy lights have been both pretty and cheering.

Most of our decorations are quite old – dating back to my childhood. Mum was telling me the other day how a lot of them came from a little shop in Pateley Bridge in North Yorkshire. This one was given to me when I was a baby, by my brother.

I have added to them over the years, bit by bit. This year I’ve added a papier mache bird from John Lewis (which can be seen here) and a set of handmade paper and card bird ornaments by local artist and crafter Kate Broughton. It’s nice to be able to decorate with pretty birds that have been designed and made so close to home. Each of the birds was supplied with thread looped through the top to allow you to hang them on a tree. We have a garland across our mantelpiece instead of a tree, and so I have been able to perch each of the little birds on a branch, which makes them look even more real.

The garland itself is by Gisela Graham, who is also the designer of most of my other newish Christmas decorations.


One Response to “Christmas decorations”

  1. Liz Says:

    I think I want to live at yours!

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