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Happy new year! December 31, 2009

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Let’s hope it’s a good one. I don’t think I’m making any resolutions as such, but I’m planning to take more care – both of myself and of others. I’m hoping 2010 will be a healthier year for me, and so I’m going to make sure I relax as much as possible.

I have quite a few sewing projects in the works (not that sewing always counts as a relaxing activity – there may have been the odd occasion where I’ve wanted to throw a sewing project out of the window…), so I want to take time to work on those. I also have big travel plans for later in the year, so there’s work to be done making plans and booking things – we’re planning to fly into San Francisco and out of Seattle, with a road trip in between the two cities. And I plan to make sure I spend time with family and friends – we’ve already got a few things on the calendar for the start of the year, including a trip to see the Nutcracker at the end of January.

I hope that 2010 brings good things your way.


One Response to “Happy new year!”

  1. Liz Says:

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2010. I’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog throughout this year and I’m already looking forward to reading about your travels and sewing projects. Oh yes, and The Nutcracker is something I’ve wanted to see for ages!

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