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Buying fabric – part 2 January 24, 2010

Filed under: Sewing,Shopping — lauravw @ 4:56 pm

Ali made a good point about my last post, something I’d forgotten to mention: buying sheets or duvet covers from Ikea and cutting them up is sometimes an affordable way to get a large amount of pretty fabric (like this one!). Of course Ikea also sell some nice cotton fabrics, usually at a low price – I’ve used theses for a couple of projects and they’ve been nice to work with.

I also forgot to mention charity shops. Round here, most of the clothing for sale in charity shops is made from synthetic fabric, and doesn’t really merit re-purposing (I blame Primark, amongst other shops, for this). But I do have a brown and white duvet cover that I bought second-hand, and have good intentions to chop it up and turn it into something new one of these days.


One Response to “Buying fabric – part 2”

  1. Ali Says:

    One of my favourite prints ever came from a tent like monstrosity found in a charity shop. So soft, so pretty. Just wish the garment had been even bigger!

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