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Seven days February 7, 2010

Filed under: Gifts — lauravw @ 12:19 pm

I’ve been taking part in Domesticali’s seven days of specialness swap this month. I’d never taken part in a swap before, and so I had no idea what to expect. Over the course of a few weeks, I spent some time gathering up little bits and pieces to send to Gemma, who was the person I was matched up with. I’ve never met Gemma, but browsing around her site helped me to find out that she’s a knitter and so I decided to make her a knitting needle case. I also made some lavender pillows, filled with lavender from my mum’s garden in Leicestershire (our sitting room smelled of lavender for days, which made us all very relaxed and sleepy!).

While it was fun collecting together enough stuff to send, it was also a bit nerve-wracking: what if she doesn’t like this stuff? What if she’s disappointed?! The parcel Gemma sent to me has been really fun to open, and I feel lucky that my name was pulled out of the hat to be paired up with her. She sent me a shoe box filled with little parcels and woollen pom-poms – and best of all, there was a chocolate bar peeking out that I was able to tuck into straight away! There’s a Flickr pool where some of the people involved are uploading their pictures of the swap. I would definitely sign up for something like this again – especially at this time of year, when the short and gloomy days mean we all need a bit of a treat. And speaking of gloomy days, the skies here are so grey that my efforts to take photos of all the loot Gemma sent my way have been in vain – hopefully next weekend the sun will come out so that I can take pictures then.

Did you take part in the swap? Hope you had fun if so – it’s nice to think that last week there were postmen all over the country carrying parcels containing seven smaller parcels to homes around the UK and beyond.


3 Responses to “Seven days”

  1. knatter76 Says:

    Hello! I have been doing the swop too – isn’t it great! I loved the knitting needle case that you made, gorgeous fabric. I just got a sewing machine so one of those is definitely on the cards as a first project. I also loved your swapee’s idea of pompoms to decorate your gifts, I might make a load to use for birthday gifts!

  2. lauravw Says:

    The pompoms are great, aren’t they?! And they are also practical: if you’re sending things through the post they cushion everything and keep it intact.

  3. Ali Says:

    Look at those heavenly poms! And I think you know it’s a good swap when you get those ‘hope she likes it’ butterflies – it shows you care!

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