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‘An act of cultural vandalism’ February 26, 2010

Filed under: Radio and TV — lauravw @ 5:16 pm

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that give you the most pleasure. For me, that often means listening to something good on the radio. I have a couple of digital radios (I like the Pure ones, if you’re considering buying one) and I listen to BBC 6 Music all the time. I love it that the music they play is so diverse that you never hear the same thing twice within the space of a day, and that many of the presenters know a LOT about music.

I’m so sad to hear there’s a possibility that 6 Music may be closed down – and I am desperately hoping that it won’t happen.

Former 6 Music presenter Phil Jupitus has a lot to say on the subject: “As I listen to 6 Music today, I keep hearing tracks and thinking, where else would I hear this kind of radio during the day? The tragic answer to that question is nowhere. The end of 6 Music at this moment in the BBC’s history is not only an act of cultural vandalism, it’s also an affront to the memory of John Peel and a slap in the face to thousands of licence-payers.”

There are Facebook groups being set up, Twitter ribbons you can use, and all sorts of other ways to get involved if you want to. I think I’m going to send an old-fashioned letter.


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