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Thank goodness for spring! March 19, 2010

Filed under: Flowers and plants,Nature and wildlife — lauravw @ 2:16 pm

It was a long, snowy, icy and sometimes gloomy winter, and so the arrival of spring feels even more special for me this year.

Today I took a walk through our local park with my camera, to try to capture a little bit of what it looks like covered in a carpet of crocuses. There’s one patch of the park that is completely covered in them, and it looks wonderful this week.

Other signs of spring are all around: we’ve had a daffodil bloom in the garden today, and there are one or two bees buzzing around out there. I even saw a little butterfly – the first I’ve seen this year. And a week or so ago there was a thrush singing in the same tree each morning as I walked to work.

You can see more of the crocuses here.


2 Responses to “Thank goodness for spring!”

  1. TheMadHouse Says:

    hat a joy all those images scream spring to me too

  2. melissa Says:

    ooh we’ve had crocuses and snowdrops here in London for a week or so, but on Wednesday my daffodils started blooming, which just made me SO happy that I moved them inside to the table. And this morning I saw some tiny bluebells poking their heads above the dirt!

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