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Handmade Nation in Nottingham March 21, 2010

Filed under: Crafts,Radio and TV — lauravw @ 3:33 pm

Yesterday Nottingham’s Broadway cinema was filled with crafty people – and they looked to be a rather well-dressed bunch! They had all gathered because Nottingham Craft Mafia were showing the Handmade Nation film, and selling their wares at a craft fair in the bar upstairs.

The film was very interesting, and it was great to hear the voices of people whose books and blogs I have long enjoyed. But – and this is a big but – the low budget nature of the film meant that much of it was shot on hand-held cameras, and it didn’t take long before I had motion sickness. I sat quietly in the cinema, realising I’d have to cancel my plans for a fancy lunch afterwards. I thought it was just me (I get migraines and am susceptible to motion sickness), but my friend Eloise was also ill – she’d had to close her eyes through most of the film. When the lights came up, we headed outside for some fresh air. (It sounds like we weren’t the only ones to have had this experience.)

It was a while before we felt better, so we never got to go for lunch or to do any shopping. We managed a peek at the craft fair, but weren’t really in a fit state to do it justice. I did see a few things I want to check on at the Nottingham Craft Mafia shop though – in particular I liked Amy Blackwell‘s creations (there’s a little gallery here).

And thinking back to the film, there was much about it that I enjoyed: I loved the posters made by the Little Friends of Printmaking; Jenny Hart was inspiring; Nikki McClure‘s paper cut artworks were fascinating and beautiful; and I liked hearing Jill Bliss talk about her work, of which I am a big fan. And in general I loved the fact that these people lived in worked in normal places – they didn’t all have glamorous studio spaces or giant homes; they just did their creating where they could.


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