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Painting apron March 29, 2010

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Another sewing project completed – and I’m amazed how well this has turned out since I made it up as I went along. It’s a smock/apron for my friend’s little girl, Belle, to wear when she’s up to artistic endeavours. Which basically means it will soon be covered in paint and glue and glitter and goodness knows what else – but at least whatever she’s wearing underneath will be relatively unscathed.

The fabric for this one is recycled, in that it used to be a blind in our bathroom (which I also made, but can’t take much credit for that since it was simply a big rectangle with a hem). It was originally sold as a shower curtain, so it’s hopefully going to stand up well to whatever art materials a two year old girl can throw at it. It was an interesting fabric to work with (I’m calling it fabric, but I think it’s essentially plastic), because when you cut it, it doesn’t fray – and of course you can’t iron any of it or you’d end up with some sorted of melted disaster stuck to the bottom of your iron. So I used bias binding to edge much of it – and hemmed the rest.

I made the pattern up and drew it out on newspaper – which was odd in that the finished pattern for some reason contains a rather large photo of Tara Palmer Tompkinson. Some unorthodox materials were employed in the drafting stage too – the curve along the bottom was produced by drawing round a hula hoop, and the shape of the neckline was the result of drawing round the lid of a big tin that sits on my kitchen counter. At the back it’s held together with a bit of velcro, which will hopefully make it easy to get in and out of.

I was a little bit nervous about whether this would fit: I live far away from Belle, and so was working blind, other than a few very basic measurements. But happily it fitted well, with plenty of room to grow into. (Is it just me whose parents/grandparents would always say, whenever they bought me an oversized garment to wear, that I would ‘grow into it’? When I was a child I think it was rare that I wore clothes that actually fitted me right there and then… It’s not done me any harm though!)


One Response to “Painting apron”

  1. Ali Says:

    How sweet it is. Sure it will inspire your little friend to have many crafty adventures!

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