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Watching the skies April 17, 2010

Filed under: Nature and wildlife — lauravw @ 9:29 pm

What an odd year it’s been in the UK. We began the year with a landscape that was entirely white, from head to toe. And now, there’s that pesky giant cloud of invisible volcanic ash that hovers over our heads.

I’m lucky enough to have not been directly affected by the cancellation of flights, and so instead the ash cloud holds for me fascination, rather than frustration. The skies above our house have been free of planes since Thursday – no vapour trails left above us, no engine noise. It’s very odd. I keep checking the news to see what the latest is, and I’m intrigued by the pictures people are posting of hazy sunsets caused by the ash in the atmosphere. As you can see from this photo I took in the garden today, the skies are blue but possibly a little hazy – or am I starting to imagine that?

Amongst my friends and family I know of a few people who’ve been disrupted, both for the better (my brother is being put up in a fancy hotel in Dubai by his airline until the planes can start flying again) and for the worst (friends who should have left for Australia on Friday will now not be able to travel on what was a long-anticipated holiday). If you’ve got travels planned, I hope for your sake they are local!


One Response to “Watching the skies”

  1. Amy Says:

    It’s really strange isn’t it – so quiet!! My OH’s brothers were due to fly to Spain this morning, but due to their flights being cancelled, they left on Friday evening and drove instead! I’ll have to keep an eye out on the sunset tonight – we had a gorgeous Lilac one on Thursday 😀

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