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The swifts are arriving April 27, 2010

Filed under: Nature and wildlife — lauravw @ 7:55 pm

This morning as I set off for work, I saw a solitary swift flying high above our street, the first one I’ve seen this year. I was in the garden this evening, watching the skies to see if there were any more, and I spotted a group of four swifts soaring around. I am so happy to see them – it was such a long winter and it’s good to know they made it back here after their long journey south to Africa. One of my favourite things about summer is standing in the garden and watching them fly around high above me.

As you’d expect, the RSPB website has plenty of information about swifts, including a couple of little craft projects for children: you can even make a swift finger puppet! My favourite fact about swifts is this one: “After leaving the nest where they hatched, they’ll keep flying non-stop for three years!” Have they arrived in your neck of the woods yet?


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