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Crafting with cashmere June 20, 2010

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Another weekend whizzes by, but at least it’s been a good one.

I have started work on a new cushion cover for my mother: she has/had a beautiful orange cashmere jumper, and wore it happily for a few years. But then it came out of the wash rather smaller than it had been when it went in, and no longer fitted her. (Nor did it fit me, unfortunately – much as I would have liked to inherit something cashmere!) It’s far too good to get rid of, and so it must be repurposed – I think a cushion cover is its best hope.

But there is something about working with a very expensive, albeit shrunken, cashmere sweater that makes me nervous. I have stitched a line across it, and yet I am reluctant to take the scissors to it to trim off the sleeves and the excess parts of the body. My mother is unlikely to share these reservations, and so I’m sure when she next visits, she’ll be willing to pick up the scissors and start trimming it to size.

Incidentally, I thought I would have to sew the whole thing by hand, but I did a trial run sewing across one sleeve on my sewing machine, and it worked really well. When I turn it the right way out and put the cushion pad inside it, I plan to hand sew it closed along the bottom edge that you can see in this photo.

As you can see from this picture, my little assistant likes it just as it is. I’m hoping there will be enough scraps left at the end of the project to make her something to sit on. She seems to think she deserves a cashmere cushion, so who am I to argue?


One Response to “Crafting with cashmere”

  1. I’m nervous about cutting any fabric. A cashmere sweater would really make me nervous! That will be a great pillow. Your assistant is beautiful!

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