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Switzerland part 2 July 9, 2010

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I suppose you could say we were lucky with the weather while we were in Switzerland: if you like hot weather, you would have been very happy. I prefer a cooler, crisp day, but the hot sunny weather certainly was a bonus in terms of taking photos of the sights we saw. The humidity made it hard to sleep though – I am still catching up on my sleep now!

On the second morning of our trip, we travelled by train to the Lauterbrunnen Valley. If you’ve seen the Star Wars films, you may find it a little reminiscent of the planet of Naboo. There are cliffs on both sides, snowy peaks all around, lots of geranium-decked chalets, and spectacular waterfalls. It is a paradise. You can walk the length of the valley – there is a wide footpath that goes along the bottom of it, with no cars near it – but there is also a bus and with mum’s dodgy knees, it was the bus for us. It takes you right through the valley, and the last stop is in the hamlet of Stechelberg, which is a no-horse town if ever there was. It’s so pretty there – and you feel very close to snowy mountains.

We had a particularly healthy lunch on this day: banana splits. Important to keep up the fruit intake! At a table near us, people were tucking into hot food, which we couldn’t believe, as it was just so very hot that day.

We took another bus back to Lauterbrunnen village, stopping off to look at a waterfall. This was a diversion from my very carefully crafted itinerary, and with hindsight it was something I wouldn’t have visited if I’d known. A waterfall sounds like such a pretty thing, but we’d failed to spot that this one was INSIDE the mountain. And that means you access it by going on a deadly vertical railway thingy, which is also inside the mountain. In fact, as we walked towards the entrance to the waterfall, there was a scale model of the scary railway thing, and we joked about how terrifying it looked – not realising that we were headed right for it! Lesson learned. If you visit the Lauterbrunnen Valley, you’ll find there are plenty of waterfalls that can be visited without going inside any mountains, by the way.

We headed back to our hotel for the evening, and I sat on the balcony with my mum while she tested out the colouring pencils she’d treated herself to.

More to come!


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