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Now with cake forks July 13, 2010

Filed under: Domestic matters,Food — lauravw @ 6:40 pm

As we walked back to our hotel on the last night of our holiday, my mother noticed a kitchenware shop. I had expressly told her that shopping options on this trip would be very limited, since we’d be in small towns and even smaller villages, and so this unexpected shop really captured her attention. Since it was evening, it was closed, but she kept mentioning it, and asked if we could head back up there in the morning when it opened.

Fortunately there was a bus that went up that way, so we were able to go in. Mum had become fixated on the idea of buying me a set of cake forks, and I was worried that we’d find some in this shop, but that they would be outrageously expensive (a lot of things are pricey in Switzerland).

They did have some, and they were reasonable, and so that is how I have come to be the sort of person who owns cake forks. I used them for the first time this weekend to eat some banana bread I made. I’ll be buying doilies next…


One Response to “Now with cake forks”

  1. PinkCat Says:

    I like having all the ‘proper’ things to eat with.

    We’re hoping to get a tea set as part of our wedding gift list and this includes cake forks. I can’t wait to have a ‘proper’ tea party! x

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