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Turning tablecloths into bags, skirts, and goodness knows what else… July 14, 2010

Filed under: Crafts,Sewing — lauravw @ 6:49 pm

By nature, I am the sort of person who saves things ‘for best’. I’ll buy a nice dress and only wear it on special occasions, or I’ll have pretty candles but won’t light them because I don’t want them to be used up.

For the last couple of years I have been fighting this instinct, and trying to enjoy the things I have while I have them, accepting that yes, they may get used up in the process. So these days if you visit my house in winter, you’ll find I’ve lit plenty of scented candles. And if I write to you, I will use my favourite notecards.

It’s in this spirit that I have, at long last, taken the scissors to an Orla Kiely tablecloth that Megan sent me for my birthday last year (or was it the year before?). It has been living with my fabric collection ever since it arrived, and every now and then I’ve taken it out to admire it, pondered what I could make from it if only I could summon the nerve to cut into it, and then put it away again.

But this weekend I really did cut into it. I made a little bag using the Cath Kidston pattern I’d used once before, and I have plans to make a matching skirt (not that I would wear the skirt and use the matching bag at the same time, you understand).

And I had a rummage through the button jar to find some suitable buttons for it. I’ve not made my mind up yet, but I think these bluey-green ones at the front are the main contenders. All the buttons pictured came from my grandmother’s button jar, which I inherited several years ago.

I also found some Ikea fabric I’d bought some time ago – a lurid print of giant sushi pictures. And I’m thinking about turning that into a skirt too. I wonder if a sushi skirt is a step too far? Where is the line between quirky/individual and just plain weird, I wonder…


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