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To the park, to see the deer August 5, 2010

Filed under: Nature and wildlife — lauravw @ 12:04 pm

Our best efforts to get up early on Saturday morning and head to Wollaton Park saw us leave the house at the not very impressive hour of 10am.

We had planned to get there early so that the park would be quiet and the wildlife would be wandering around undisturbed. Luckily for us, even though it was almost 11am when we arrived, the park was quiet, and there were deer all over the place.

First of all we saw the roe deer, the pretty spotted ones that look like Bambi. They were about eight of them, very close to us but with a small hedge between us and them. We stood and watched them for a while, snapping a few pictures.

A little further on we saw some red deer, a group of young ones and adults pottering about in the woods. And further still we saw a deer in the shallow part of the lake, nibbling on leaves from an overhanging tree.

There are more pictures of the deer we saw on Flickr.


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