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Slow but not stopped August 22, 2010

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August seems to be passing me by: the days are going by quickly, but I am moving slowly. I have no excuses, it’s just that I’ve slowed down.

And so I don’t have much to report: I’ve done a bit of baking, and a little bit of sewing, but nothing major. I’ve been enjoying reading Thomasina Miers‘ Mexican cookbook, but my inertia means I’ve only got as far as choosing recipes I’d like to make, rather than actually jumping in and making something. I’ll get there in the end, and when I do, I’d like to start with the summer tacos. (So let’s hope I get round to this before summer slopes off.)

I have possibly watched a little more TV than is good for me. The Sherlock Holmes series had me glued to the TV – I can’t wait for them to make more episodse. I have never ready any Sherlock Holmes and so had no idea I would enjoy it so much.

And this week I watched that BBC programme about a baking competition. It was OK – not something I’d go out of my way to watch, but enjoyable enough. There were a few tears in my eyes when the poor man whose cakes failed him started to cry!

This picture shows a couple of goodies I bought an antiques fair in Southwold earlier this month. In the past year I’ve seen a few old and rusty first aid tins, and I really wanted one to call my own. The ones I’ve seen were either too expensive, or too far away (expensive postage costs!), but these were £2 each, and I’m so thrilled with them. The little one even says Nottingham on it, so I felt it was right that it come back and live with me there.

If you’ve ever wanted something similar, there are sometimes nice ones on offer at H is for Home – even a set with all the original contents in.

I’ll leave you with this: a very short video I took of two adorable guinea pigs, who I saw on a recent visit to a city farm in Nottingham. Guaranteed to improve your mood (even if you’re already reasonably happy).


2 Responses to “Slow but not stopped”

  1. Annabelle Says:

    Hello. Lovely reading about Southwold as I have wanted to go for ages. I am a new crafter and blogger (annabelleserendipity.blogspot.com) looking for inspiration for a new blog. Thank you for allowing me to visit. I will come back again.

  2. Love your tins. I watched one of those baking competition programmes and would agree, it’s not compulsive TV, but it involves cake and biscuits and Mary Berry so not all bad.

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