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The big adventure: from San Francisco to Seattle October 1, 2010

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We hit the road on a Monday morning, and San Francisco looked sparkly in the sunshine. I found it very exciting to start our road trip with a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge – it seemed like the perfect way to start an adventure. First up was Muir Woods, somewhere I was very keen to visit. It lived up to my expectations, and I really enjoyed the hike we took through the tallest trees I’ve ever been near.

I get travel sick – pretty frequently, and sometimes it can make me feel very ill indeed. A road trip is perhaps not the best holiday for someone who suffers from motion sickness, and so I’d done as much as I could to stave off the dreaded nausea. I had car sickness medicine, boiled sweets, and salty snacks to nibble on.

For the most part I was OK, which I’m counting as an enormous victory. There was one day in particular where I struggled though: we were driving for several hours along a road that hugged the curves of a mountainous stretch of forest. It was such a beautiful place, but the terrain really was not on my side. A couple of times we had to stop and pull over so that I could have some respite. The first time, I staggered as I tried to get out of the car, and my limbs felt like jelly. I’m told I was also a certain shade of green. But once we cleared that stretch of road, I improved very quickly and things were mostly good from then on.

However, I seem to have developed somewhat of a Pavlovian response to the travel sickness medicine. The one I use is one you take before you set out. You can swallow it with water, or you can just chew it. Most of the time I just chew it – and so now I am finding that the taste of the tablet is enough to make me feel a bit sick. I’ll be taking it with water from now on!

Anyway, more about what we saw. I can’t do it justice, but if you were to follow the route we took, you’d find that it’s a region packed with nature at its very best. We saw HUGE forests, long stretches of spectacular coastline with deserted beaches (whenever we stopped to visit a beach, we nearly always had it all to ourselves), tidepools, sand dunes that stretch as far as you can see, Bigfoot, elk, whales, and all sorts of other lovely things. Oh, and breweries! We visited quite a few of those, and I don’t think they ever disappointed us.


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  1. I remember visiting Muir Woods when our two were littlies. Shame about the travel sickness but it sounds like you managed to keep it in check most of the time.

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