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Comfort food October 22, 2010

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It’s been terribly quiet here at Busywork towers: I’ve not been well (on the mend now though, I think) and so have for the most part been lying low.

I have had the opportunity to leaf through my new Nigella Lawson book, and also to try out a few recipes. One in particular has been a huge hit, and we’ve made it several times already: the Marmite pasta. If you love Marmite, I think you’d enjoy this recipe a lot.

Another recipe that has been tested is the one for chocolate banana muffins, which worked really well and is a good way to use up bananas that are somewhat past their prime. Our usual way of using up browning bananas is banana bread, and while the muffins make a nice change, I’m not sure they’ve edged out banana bread as the recipe of choice.

I’ve also tested out Nigella’s egg custard. I have rather a sweet tooth, and this recipe just wasn’t sweet enough for me – which surprised me as Nigella is not usually one to hold back on the sugar. I’ve mentioned before that my mother makes the best egg custards, but that she does so using a recipe that exists only in her head. She’s coming over later, and has promised to let me watch while she makes an egg custard, on the condition that I don’t interfere (!). She doesn’t even weigh things when baking, so my secret plan is to weigh the bag of sugar before she adds it to the custard, and then to weigh it again afterwards, so that I can calculate how much sugar she has used. Hopefully she’ll be unaware of this and so will not consider it an interference…

Incidentally Jamie Oliver’s new TV series has featured a recipe for Portuguese tarts, which are very similar to the kind of egg custards that come in a pastry shell. I haven’t tried it out yet but I plan to. We used to buy Portuguese tarts from a little bakery in North Yorkshire, and they were delicious.

And finally, the other recipe I’ve tried from Nigella Kitchen is for mexican lasagne, which was delicious and easy to make. It uses mostly canned ingredients (black beans, corn, tomatoes), and instead of lasagne sheets you use tortillas. We found it had a bit to much liquid in, so I’d reduce that next time I make it. And there certainly will be a next time – it was very good.


4 Responses to “Comfort food”

  1. Ali Says:

    Cunning sugar stealth weighing plan!! I am in awe. I bought the Nigella book, but apart from the Marmite pasta, I am ashamed to say I am yet to try anything yet. Must get cooking…

  2. Marmite pasta. Why didn’t I think of that? I’m hoping to get Nige’s new book for Christmas but I’m enjoying the accompanying TV series. I tried the little roastinis (cooked them in the oven) but they ended up too tough to eat. Might try again using a frying pan.

  3. Meant to say hope you’re feeling much better.

  4. suzical Says:

    I’ve just started reading the Nigella book – I’ve never been able to sit and just read a recipe book before(!) and am looking forward to trying out some of the recipes – particularly the marmite pasta!

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