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Halloween preparations October 25, 2010

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Halloween seems to have arrived rather quickly this year, and I think it’s going to have to be a quiet one. We’d considered having a small party but I don’t think I’ve got the energy to make that happen this time.

However, over the past few weeks I have gradually amassed a collection of little pumpkins: from the local farmers’ market, a WI fete, and the local vegetable shop. I’ve also bought a larger one for carving (I’m going floral this year, you have been warned), and was happy to hear that it was grown on the allotments at the end of our road.

The decorations are up, and I hope to get chance to prepare some seasonal food. (Although M&S are selling Halloween whoopie pies, complete with suspiciously green filling, and so there’s no need to bake if time’s not on your side.) The little card you can see in this photo was made by me when we were in Seattle: in Impress Rubber Stamps they had a little craft table set up with all the supplies and tools ready for you to make one of these. I love the black and white stripey string – I bought some in orange and white.

Megan has come up with a spectacularly simple idea for Halloween food: tentacle pot pies. I love how simple they look, and suspect they will grace many tables this Halloween night. So many Halloween recipes seem to involve crazy amounts of food colourings, but the ingredients for this one are all natural and the end result is fantastic.

While pottering around the Nigella Lawson website I found that she’s got quite a few Halloween recipes online these days, most of them are rather gory-looking and so I imagine would appeal to children. Also appealing is this free template for a Halloween garland from Allsorts – and be sure to check out the photo of her fireplace at the bottom of that post, it’s amazing.


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  1. Love the stamped card. Haven’t yet spotted any large carving pumpkins in the shops here but I have bought some teenie weenie ones. Think I’ll give Nigella’s recipes (blood clots???) a miss, though.

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