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Space, sleep, and style February 4, 2011

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Time for another Friday Tidy:

Nasa prepares for another shuttle launch – one of the last missions for the shuttle. I love how technology has moved on so much that when a shuttle launches, you can watch a live stream of the whole process, with really clear pictures and sounds. I’m going to miss the shuttles – I used to harbour dreams of being an astronaut, and even took physics at school to make sure I didn’t rule myself out of a space career, should the opportunity arise! Of course now I’m a sensible adult I find the very thought of going on a shuttle terrifying, but as a child it seemed like a sound idea for a career.

This 24 hour view of the sky is so beautiful.

Saints and Pinners experiment with freezer paper stencilling – I love the idea of this since it seems you don’t need a talent for drawing (something I certainly don’t have).

Pottering around on the Boden website, I found their new blogs and one of their bloggers is M is for Make – who posted a preview last year of this Spring’s collection, hope they let her do more of this sort of thing. My father worked in fashion and so as a child I got accustomed to new collections of clothes arrriving in our house, always about a year in advance. Unfortunately they weren’t my kind of clothes: he mainly worked with fashion companies who catered to the wealthy older lady!

And from M is for Make, I found the Adventures in Dressmaking site, which is full of photos showing how you can turn a shop bought garment into something a little bit better.

The Guardian ran an article this week about improving your sleep, something I was keen to read since I’ve not been sleeping so well for a few months now. And they also had a feature on beauty serums, which contained a word of advice I’ve long suspected: toner is a waste of time when it comes to getting off the last traces of makeup.


One Response to “Space, sleep, and style”

  1. PinkCat Says:

    Did you see the programme ‘Do We Really Need The Moon?’ on BBC TWO last Tuesday evening? It was very interesting and the presenter was really different from the norm. I highly recommend catching it on iPlayer.

    I too have found it very hard to sleep recently, so also read the article. I’m trying to read my way off to sleep and have lots of bedtime baths, making use of all the lovely oils and bubbles I received at Christmas. Sleep tight! x

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