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More waxwings February 18, 2011

Filed under: Nature and wildlife — lauravw @ 4:24 pm

I am a lucky girl: the waxwings came back, and I was able to get an even better look at them. And this time, I had my camera with me.

This is the clearest picture I managed to get – they are VERY fast-moving, and I got a lot of blurry shots.

I stood near the tree with berries on, and every few minutes a big group of them flew over to it to eat. They make such a lot of noise, and were constantly on the move.

I stood taking pictures for about ten minutes, and I don’t know what the people on that particular road thought I was up to: if they hadn’t spotted the birds, and I suspect they hadn’t, they probably thought I was a little bit odd. But no matter…

I love the little quiffs the birds have!

I’m also very lucky in that I can see the tree they were all perched in from my house, so I’ve been able to keep checking from the window whether they are there or not. (The neighbours probably think all the curtain-twitching is a little bit nosey, but again, no matter…)

And to top it all off, I took the bus to town today, and from it saw some redwings and a sparrowhawk, in an urban part of Nottingham. Nice to see wildlife doing well in the city.


4 Responses to “More waxwings”

  1. PinkCat Says:

    That’s a great picture. I love their quiffs. What sort of noise/song do they have? x

  2. You did well to get a photograph. Such a handsome chap.

  3. […] beautiful they are. I will keep looking! There are plenty in the country this year, as there were two years ago – when I did manage to get a picture. But since then I’ve got a bigger and fancier […]

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