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Northern lights, photography and rice February 18, 2011

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Time for another Friday Tidy – here are the things that have been capturing my attention this week:

Chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing at Shelterrific – the marshmallow icing is made from Marshmallow Fluff, which I think might be vegetarian.

Chipotle black bean pizza at Craft.

Aurora Borealis to light up the night sky: “The possibility of seeing the Northern Lights in Scotland on Thursday and Friday night has increased after the sun unleashed a giant solar flare.” Watch the skies!

Nest cam launch for rare peregrine falcons – this is here in Nottingham, and I’m very excited about it. We saw a peregrine falcon in the wild on our road trip through California, Oregon and Washington last September.

How to cook perfect rice – The Guardian tested out many of the various ways in which people will advise you to cook rice (and there are a lot), and comes up with their own definitive recipe.

Ask the experts: How to become a professional photographer.


2 Responses to “Northern lights, photography and rice”

  1. Erica Says:

    Yum…the pizza sounds fantastic! I am going to have to try that.

  2. PinkCat Says:

    We use some melted mashmallows to stick some chocolate cookies together with last weekend and then covered them in chocolate and hundreds and thousands. They were great! x

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