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Fabric, edible Angry Birds, and shuttles February 25, 2011

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Time for another Friday Tidy – here’s what I’ve been bookmarking over the past few days:

Last night I watched the live feed from Nasa of the space shuttle Discovery as it set off to dock with the international space station. There are only expected to be two more space shuttle missions before the fleet is retired, and I feel sad about that. If you missed the launch, you can view it here – but you’re also in with a chance of seeing the space shuttle itself as it orbits the earth later today. (I suspect I won’t be seeing it – it’s very cloudy in Nottingham today.)

Kim at True Up has done a little preview of fabrics that are soon to hit the shops.

Some VERY lucky children had a playable Angry Birds birthday cake made for them. Wow.

I like this technique of using a paper punch to make a garland, very clever.

I like the look of these lip tints, but I suspect we can’t get them in the UK (yet).

That’s all folks – have a lovely weekend.


One Response to “Fabric, edible Angry Birds, and shuttles”

  1. PinkCat Says:

    I like the idea of the paper punch garland. Do you know the American chain Paper Source? There stuff is so great – like Paperchase crossed with Hobbycraft. Wonderful! It’s just a shame that they won’t ship to the UK yet.

    Happy Weekend!

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