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It’s on its way February 27, 2011

Filed under: Nature and wildlife — lauravw @ 5:40 pm

Spring IS on its way. I say this with conviction, despite the fact that as I type this it is very cold and raindrops are drizzling down the windows.

But there are three things that make me know I can start preparing for spring.

First up is that the park near our house looks like this: a carpet of crocuses. I took this picture just a couple of days ago, and I hope the rain hasn’t damaged the flowers too much since then.

Secondly, while I was at the park I saw a big buzzy bee inspecting the flowers – the first bee I’ve seen so far this year.

And finally, I can see little tiny bits of green leaf appearing all over our willow tree.

It feels like it’s been a long, cold and dark winter, and we’ve lost quite a few plants as a result of the many days of way-below-zero temperatures. I’m very glad to see the back of winter this year – I love the light in the mornings, and the slightly longer evenings. (Although the light mornings mean our little cat wakes up earlier than before – and when she wakes up, she often likes to wake us up as well. Hmm.)



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