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A cat in a cupboard March 4, 2011

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I don’t know where other people store their pet cats, but I find the kitchen cupboards to be very suitable. This picture was taken earlier today, and Daisy wishes you a very happy weekend. She’s planning to eat some Weetabix while she’s in there (as evidenced by this picture).

Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been bookmarking over the past few days:

Customer service on Twitter, at Kottke. “Apparently the automated voice recognition system can’t tell what I’m saying through my tears @unitedairlines #IhateYouSoMuch”

I’ve enjoyed reading about Ali’s interesting adventures in baking. I didn’t warm to the Great British Bake Off – there was something about the element of competition that didn’t fit well with my approach to baking – but it’s fascinating to hear the behind-the-scenes tales of something like this.

A new edition of Sweet Paul magazine is out – and I’m amazed by how pretty and creative it is (especially when you consider that it is FREE – it’s better that most paid-for magazines). Worth looking at, and especially so if you have little children around as this edition focuses on them. (Actually, this reminds me of another excellent free magazine: Stylist.)

Have you met Betty yet? “Betty magazine is a an e-publication created just for girls.  Empowering, witty, intelligent – quite simply a jamboree of independent style – Betty is your new best friend.  Betty’s mission is to fill a void in women’s magazines, no weight loss or diet tips here, we don’t want to play on people’s insecurties:  our philosophy is for people to embrace who they are and celebrate it.”

And finally, I think Daisy would like me to make one of Melissa’s kitty kickers. I love it when people share free patterns for how to do something like this. I’m wishing I could go back in time to last summer, harvest some of the catmint from my mother’s garden, hang it to dry, and then use it to make one. I’ll have to try to do that this summer instead.

From me and from Daisy, have a nice weekend.


2 Responses to “A cat in a cupboard”

  1. PinkCat Says:

    I’ve come home to find the same thing, although our moggie likes to chew our paperwork kept for filing in one of our living room cupboards! x

  2. Ali Says:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous (not to mention sparklingly spotless)! Off to browse your links – enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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