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For the birds March 25, 2011

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Other than a short potter around in the garden this morning, I haven’t left the house yet today. So I’m feeling particularly pleased to have seen a swan and a heron fly over our garden. I also had a phonecall from my mother to report that she’d found a baby hare in her garden. This is the not the first time it’s happened, so a couple of years ago we did a little bit of research on hares and their babies to learn more about what they do.

The first time, my parents were sitting in their living room in the evening, watching television. They have patio doors facing out into the garden, and they saw an adult hare come up to the window, stand on its hind legs, and press its front paws against the glass. It watched them for a few seconds, and then hopped off. The next morning they found two baby hares in the flowerbeds – from what we read, hares deposit their young in a few different spots, which seems to be along the lines of not placing all your eggs in one basket.

Those babies stayed in the garden for a couple of weeks or more, so I’m hoping that when I visit my parents next week, this latest baby will still be around.

The other distractions this week have been as follows:

The falcon webcam at Nottingham Trent University. I’ve mentioned this before, but in the past week, there’s been a great deal more activity and it’s really worth a look. One morning I checked on it and saw two falcons, and when they flew off, I noticed they’d left an egg on the nest. There’s now a second egg, and the adult birds are flying back to the next fairly frequently, often staying there for long periods.The eggs take around 30-32 days to hatch.

A new fabric collection from How About Orange – I think my favourite is the tulip print. Jessica has also recently made these Pantone magnets.

Cakespy’s roundup of posts about creme eggs.

I am far too lazy to do this myself, but I am impressed with the polka dot nails and the newsprint nails I’ve seen this week.

A recipe for Nutella cupcakes at Good Life Eats. Nice!


3 Responses to “For the birds”

  1. PinkCat Says:

    A baby hare – how lovely. I hope you can get some pictures to share.

    Have a fabulous weekend. x

  2. Caroline Says:

    that’s lovely about the baby hare- I love hares! One place we are sure to see them is when we use the long term car park at the airport – they are magical creatures 🙂

  3. […] weekend I’m off to see the baby hares at my parents house – hopefully I will return with photographs.   Leave a Comment […]

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