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Baby hares April 3, 2011

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These are the baby hares I mentioned last week.

They are nestled in a catmint plant in my parents’ garden, and luckily for us, that plant is in a flowerbed right under a window – I actually took this photo from inside the house, with my camera just slightly out of the window, so that I wouldn’t disturb them by walking near to their little nest.

I checked on them on and off throughout the day, and they were always there – hardly ever moving. Sometimes they were asleep, and at other times they were fidgeting a little and grooming. As dusk fell, we were surprised to see that one of them had left the nest, and moved to another plant a few feet away – and again, we were lucky because that was also right by a window. He was soon joined by his sibling, and they seemed to wake up a little. They both faced towards the fence (which is where the mother hare would come from to visit them), and they sat and used their paws to clean their faces. I like to think they wanted to have clean faces ready for a visit from their mother. (I managed to get a couple of pictures of them at this point, but the light had faded and so they are rather blurry.)

Because they had been so dozy and slow-moving all day, what happened next was a surprise: they starting running all over the garden, incredibly fast. Hares are well known for their speed, but these sleepy little things didn’t look like they were quite up to that yet.

As the light faded further, we lost sight of them all, so we don’t know how late they stayed up (they are nocturnal). But when I woke up at around 6.30 on Saturday morning, they were safely back in their catmint nest, and their mother was sitting in the driveway next to the garden, keeping an eye on things. I managed to get a couple of pictures of her before she was disturbed by some ponies and hopped away.


3 Responses to “Baby hares”

  1. PinkCatJo Says:

    You are so lucky! I’m very very jealous. They’re so adorable.

    Please update us on the hares’ progress!! x

  2. melissa Says:

    Squeeee! omg they’re so cute!

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