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It’s not your birthday anymore* April 26, 2011

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The downsides of being at work on your birthday are obvious, but one of the upsides is that you can drag out the celebrations and treats for a few days on the grounds of having been stuck at the office during the main event. I did this quite successfully, and enjoyed a couple of nice meals out as a result.

I’m a little disappointed now that the birthday post has dried up, but I’ve ordered a few CDs to ensure I’ll keep getting treats landing on the doormat for a little while longer.

Thanks for your kind birthday wishes – I really appreciated it. And I don’t feel any older, which I’m taking as a good sign.

*In case you don’t know, the title of this post is lifted directly from a Morrissey song, which you can listen to here. “It’s not your birthday anymore, there’s no need to be kind to you.”


One Response to “It’s not your birthday anymore*”

  1. PinkCatJo Says:

    Firstly – great song!!

    I believe in dragging out birthdays for as long as possibly. There definitely has to be a weekend and a workday involved.

    I’m glad you had a nice time. What cd’s did you buy? x

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