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In search of weeping angels June 5, 2011

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Ever since I saw that episode of Doctor Who about the weeping angels, I’ve been wanting to visit the kind of spooky old cemetery where there are statues on the graves of mourning angels. And so it was that yesterday morning we got up early (well, early for a Saturday), stopped at a local deli to buy croissants and smoothies, and went and had breakfast amongst the graves in Nottingham General Cemetery.

Which all sounds rather macabre. But it was a bright, sunny morning, and the graveyard is filled with beautiful trees.

The cemetery is not used much any more – according to the council, you can only be buried there if you already own a plot. Most of the graves we saw dated back to Victorian times, and they had some interesting engravings on them. We saw one for a man who’d died in 1890, which praised his “upright and manly conduct in the ring”. Another said “thy race is run”.

The cemetery is on hilly ground, and it seemed to be that the fancier, more elaborate tombstones were at the top of the hill – perhaps there was some prestige in being buried higher up than the poorer people?

From the graveyard it’s a short walk to the Arboretum, somewhere I’d never visited before (despite living in these parts for some twenty-plus years…). We enjoyed walking through there, and saw quite a bit of wildlife on our way round.

We watched the skies to look for any signs of the peregrine falcons that are nesting nearby, but it wasn’t until later that we saw one of them, right in the middle of the city centre, close to their nest on one of the Trent University buildings. (We’ve been watching them on the webcam for a couple of months now, but the young seem to have fledged and so are rarely seen at the nest now.)

Here are the rest of my photos of weeping angels.


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  1. I don’t find cemeteries at all spooky (though I might feel a bit differently if I visited at night). There are so many stories on those headstones. We’ve spent some time scouring our local one for possible graves of my dad’s relatives. He was orphaned at the age of five years and grew up with very little knowledge of his family and I wanted to fill in some gaps. Unfortunately so many of the headstones had been vandalised and in the oldest part of the cemetery they’d been removed completely.

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