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Nottingham’s secret gardens June 27, 2011

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On Sunday afternoon, in the sweltering heat, I went with a friend to another open gardens event.

This time, it was in The Park, a prestigious, partly gated community right in the centre of Nottingham. It’s an interesting place: it really is right in the heart of the city, and yet it’s full of mature trees and open spaces.

Houses in The Park are some of the most expensive in the region – here’s a four bedroom, semi-detached house for £1.5million. Here’s a slightly less pricey one, complete with turrets. The houses sit in what used to be the deer park of Nottingham Castle, and many of them are Victorian (though over the years some modern monstrosities have been built alongside them!).

We enjoyed pottering around the area and seeing inside some of the beautiful gardens – many of which are so surrounded by mature trees that they really don’t feel like they are in such an urban area. As ever with these events, we would have loved to have seen inside some of the houses. A few in particular really captured my attention and seemed like amazing places to live. There were children on duty selling drinks and ice creams* in a few of the gardens, and it made me wonder what it must be like to grow up there.

In other Nottingham-related news, Wollaton Hall and all of its grounds are currently closed to the public, while they film the new Batman movie there. I imagine filming anything was rather a challenge today, since it has been sweltering all day long. Even now at almost 10pm it’s still hot and humid.

*I had ice cream in one garden, and strawberries and cream in another. It was so hot that I think I could have happily eaten an ice cream in each and every garden we went into.


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