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Home July 6, 2011

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Last night we flew home from Switzerland, where we’ve spent the past week on holiday.

It was strange, after spending a week in the Alps, to fly home to a country that is for the most part flat – I have been walking up and down hills non-stop for the past seven days, but the little town I live in is mostly hill-free.

We’ve had a wonderful time, but as ever, it’s great to be home. And particularly to be reunited with Daisy, who was shipped off to a cattery for the duration of our holiday.

Great to be back in my own bed, with my own pillows and a kitchen full of familiar food (as vegetarians, we don’t fare so well in Switzerland – I’ve had all the pizza and pasta and cheese I can face for this week). Of course I did bring back more than my fair share of Swiss chocolate, which I shall be enjoying over the days and weeks to come (I even brought some dark chocolate back to make brownies with).

I took more than 500 photos, so I’m now faced with the daunting task of organising and uploading them, and eventually making some sort of album. But all of that can wait.

This picture shows a covered bridge in the city of Thun. I love how the water roaring underneath it is so crystal clear. It flows out into the lake we stayed on – Lake Thun (known in Swiss-German as the Thunersee), where the water is so clear that you can see your feet when you paddle in it. Which of course we did.


2 Responses to “Home”

  1. Megan Says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Switzerland is one of the places that’s on our “to visit” list. Shame about the food though I know what you mean about pasta and pizza overload. Enjoy your chocolate. You can never have too much chocolate!

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