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Looking back July 12, 2011

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We got back from holiday last Tuesday night, exactly a week ago, but it feels like it was a long time ago that I was walking through the Swiss countryside.

It was a successful trip: we based ourselves in one town, and travelled by trains, boats, and buses each day as we explored the
region. We’ve been before, so there were old haunts to revisit, and new places to become acquainted with. We went up into the mountains, walked through vineyards, and alongside lakes. And we even walked alongside a lake that was up in the mountains, which was a new one for me.

This photo shows the town we stayed in, and we paddled in this lake – it was icy cold. Any plans for swimming in it were quickly ditched!

There’s no avoiding the fact that Switzerland is an expensive place. We bought an all-inclusive transport pass, which meant we could get on buses, boats, and trains without having to buy a ticket. We had a tight budget for the rest of our expenses – breakfast was provided at our hotel, so we just had to buy lunch and dinner each day. For the former, we usually stocked up on picnic-style food from the many excellent supermarkets that are dotted around the place. For the latter, we usually went to a restaurant and had a main course only – typically costing at least £15, before you even factor in drinks. The budget did not stretch far enough to include a pudding! (And bear in mind we’re both vegetarian – menu prices for dishes featuring meat and fish were even higher.)

But don’t worry: we bought plenty of chocolate from the supermarket, and treated ourselves to ice creams when we were out and about. We worked our way through many of the Kinder products that are on sale over there too – most of them filled with creamy goodness and stored in the refrigerated section of shops. I also sampled the meringue in Meiringen, where meringue was invented – I can report back that it was worth the investment!

I kept track of our travelling. We used:

  • 5 boats
  • 27 trains
  • 5 buses
  • 2 cable cars

I have uploaded a selection of my photos now, and you’re welcome to take a look. I’m already thinking about where we can go next time we go back to Switzerland – I’d better start saving up.


One Response to “Looking back”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Hi, I have really enjoyed reading about your trips to Switzerland and viewing your lovely photos. My boyfriend and I are off to Wengen (for a week in August) which I think is fairly close to where you have recently been. Neither of us have been to the area before. We are hoping to journey to the Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn – Piz Gloria. I am also hoping we could get to the Swiss open air museum at Ballenberg. Are there any places that you really think we shouldn’t miss out on – any good places to eat for example? I really enjoy reading your blog so any recommendations you can give will be much appreciated! Many thanks.

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