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Sun up July 18, 2011

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Sali Hughes’ column in the Guardian the other day was one I’ll be making use of: beauty bargains under £10. The comments people have left underneath are also interesting, highlighting products I’ve never heard of, alongside old classics.

Nearly all the products I use sit comfortably within the under £10 category, but there are a few things I don’t mind paying more for. One is sunscreen: I am very pale (people have been known to think I am wearing white socks on days when I am barefoot), and burn easily, so I am always wearing some sort of sun protection. I have tried quite a few over the years, with varying success.

The summer before last, I was on some medication that both made me more sensitive to the sun AND made my skin somewhat intolerant of sunscreens. That was a tricky time, and meant I had to dress in such a way that hardly any of my skin was exposed. On hot days I looked foolish, covered head to toe in layers of clothes. And I still got burned.

The video accompanying Sali’s recent column on sunscreen discusses the different ways sunscreens are formulated, and how certain products can cause certain people’s eyes to water when applied. This sounded very familiar to me, so I’m looking into the products Sali suggested – a Neal’s Yard sunblock, and a Liz Earle one. And recently I have been using a powder sunscreen, with pretty good results. It’s by Bare Escentuals, and I’ve found it to be very useful for topping up the sun protection on my face during the day. I’ve also used it on my neck, which has been very handy as I used to use a cream based sunscreen there, and then found that my jewellery would stick to it, and there would be stains around the neckline of my clothes. So having a powder-based version has been a huge improvement for me in that regard!

I’ve found only one downside so far: the powder is faintly tinted, but is almost invisible while you’re applying it. This means I’m always a little bit unsure as to whether I’ve applied enough, and to all the places that need protecting. But as long as I take my time while applying it, it’s fine. Definitely something I would buy again.

And speaking of sunscreen, the clever people at Information is Beautiful have put together a visual interpretion of the current advice on when to apply it, how much to apply, and how long you’re protected for. Clever stuff.

But of course all of this is purely academic on a day like today, where the clouds overhead are a very dark shade of grey, and the rain just keeps coming.


One Response to “Sun up”

  1. Ali Says:

    Thanks for that link – on the strength of it, I bought myself a tube of Lanolips and very nice it is too!

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